Why do I need…

An Architect

This is a common question to many developers. Must I have an Architect in all my projects?

The answer is NO.

You shall need an architect only if:

  1. It is a legal requirement.

In most Urban areas in Kenya, county authorities require Architects (and other building consultants) to be involved within designated urban precincts. It is helpful to always check with the county administration for their requirements. You can avoid this…….



  1. You shall need an architect if the complexity of the project in your judgement needs the input of an Architect. You need an Architects if you are keen on any of these:
    1. Artistic Imagination and creativity in your project. Architects are specifically trained and practice to deliver this unique need to your project. It helps your project to stand out
    2. Practical and technical knowledge. Architects shall advise you on the material to use, the other consultants that you need, the need, identification and employment of a contactor as well as supervision and making sure you operate under the law.
    3. Satisfying the bigger goal. There is need for your project to be ethical and satisfy the social good; think of ensuring you don’t develop on public land or riparian. The architect is able to reconcile these needs with the more obvious need for profit……

……and get this


Architect Gathogo Githatu’s Desk

12th March 2019

Arch-Link International Ltd